The Rebell Minds Concept

The Rebell Minds events and exhibitions concept brings together new tendencies in art, electronic music, communications and marketing. This symbiosis of multiple media will serve as a background for the communication of new directions and new values. What does it mean to be human? What damages and destroys us? Where do our weaknesses lie? In the lives of countless individuals with their own definitions and their own ideas, art may be the only answer to certain questions. It might be the only common denominator. And here, we’re interested in the connections between a whole range of individual manifestations: graphic arts, painting, photography, video art, design, light installations and more.

The aim is to create a space in which social barriers and limitations cease to exist, and – above all – to provide a means of communication that will inspire and provoke people to share life and speak their minds. Painters, sculptors, fashion designers, lighting designers, musicians and others will cooperate to produce a huge variety of compositions. Today, the artist speaks in a language anyone can understand, and opposes the spiritual pettiness of elitist coteries. Art belongs to the masses and speaks to everyone. The artists will therefore be present, working-on-site, thus pushing back the borders of their work and engaging in direct contact and dialogue with the audience.