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In Berlin since 1996 as a member of the electronic revolution, Haito has been playing his music in clubs like Toaster, Suicide, E-Werk, Tresor,Sternradio or 90 Grad. He´s not only a dj, he also performs live with his partner Stuffit as "Trash mo pet"and alone as well. Since 2000 he also produces elektronik musik , which is released on labels like Ghetto charge, Freundschaft Musik and Spagat. He remixed pop act´s like lexy &k-paul, die raketen, Quarks, Susie van der Meer and Paula to name a few. Together with Lexy he carries on the label “Spagat”, being as well resident DJ and booker at the Casino Club Berlin till the closedown in october 04, that gives up its current location for a multipurpose arena. But this is not the end: Haito is working on his album, his label and new party-series in Berlin as "that´s what friends are for!" He likes to prove again and again that techno can be catchy. The entertainer from Constance—once an award-winning horn player—is today considered to be an entrepreneur of the DJ and producer scene in Berlin.

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