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Thinking Cypress

Exhibition from 11th September to 30th November 2005
Villa Rose, Landsbergerallee 54 Berlin.
First Vernissage!! 11th September 2005: SHAHAB FOTOUHI, TOWARDS SALVATION.
In its series of exhibits “Zypressen, die denken – Thinking cypress”, the Rebell Minds Gallery presents contemporary works of the Persian artists Shahab Fotouhi, Mahmoud Bakhshi-Moakhar and Arash Hanaei.
In an allusion to the metaphorical significance of cypresses as Persian heroes, all three of the artists concern themselves with socially explosive subjects and positions.

Mahmoud Bakhshi Moakhar
Shahab Fotouhi
Arash Hanaei

Arash Hanaei "Benefits of Vegetarianism 2", 2005
Mat Lambda print on aluminium
100 x 115; Edition 1/6
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