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Bus Stops

June 26th - July 10th 2004

Nicolas Grospierre´s Lithuanian "bus stops" presented in this exhibition are a genuine and interesting witness of the national realistic style developped in the former Soviet Union. We can find such bus stops in many different countries of the former Republic. Some of them were even shipped over to Cuba. In Lithuania, nowadays, a few of them are still standing on the countryside.

Nicolas Grospierre in collaboration with the Rebell Minds chooses to realize five dyptichs and one panorama image. By it’s resolution towards production of art works, the gallery, once again underlines it’s originality in it’s approach of contemporary art.
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Nicolas Grospierre

Nicolas Grospierre "Bus Stop No. 1 - A", 2004
Plexiglas on Lambda print
Dyptich Size: 60 x 141 cm
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