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Object of Desire

28.08.2003 – 31.09.2003

Who or what is the object/ versus who or what is desired? At this contreversial and existential problem, who is allowed to judge? Is there a desire (for the artist or the human being) to be the victim or abused? Doesn´ t this factor enhance naturally all human creatures? Is there a „penis“ in every woman and a „vagina“ in every man?Does the dominator and the dominated live in each of us? As the Sado and the Maso, or the good and the evil? Haven´t all men dreamt to be a strip-dancer awakening the „voyeur´s“ sexual and animal desires. Haven´t all women wished to pick up and pay a boy for one night of pleasure and desired fullfillments?

Illyia Chichkan
Rafael Ibarrondo Arriazu

Illyia Chichkan "Girls and Puppets", 2003
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