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Auf Wiedersehen Underground

The Rebell Minds Gallery’s Art Box describes the current situation: works of art and design products, as well as fim and sound compositions. In the ART BOX, the ideas and the creative processes of film makers and editors, designers and musicians are combined in a unique manner. The result is an all-encompassing synthesis of the arts – comparable with the achievements of other epochs which combined several forms of art into a unified whole. The ART BOX is not a multimedia event, but rather an art product with a maximum run of 6 pieces. DESIGN J.LEIHENER & A.BERGMANN/ MUSIC HAITO, SILVERSURFER, NAMITO/ CUT STERNBAUER,P.FRIELING & C.BASIRI

Julia Leihener & Andreas Bergmann

ART-BOX 2 "Wildflowers", 2005
Kunstfell uni braun 15mm Kurzflor, Kunstleder glatt glänzend schwarz, 2x 30/50 W,integrierter 6" TFT-Farb-LCD-Monitor
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