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The Wildflowers ART-BOX focuses on the young Eastern-Europe in particular Ukraina, Russia and Poland. "Kitch meets Crime" is the provocative buzzword. Realized in the Russian mascot Cheburashka, Wildflowers exposes inner realities which otherwise would remain hidden. The slit in the belly reveals an implanted display and not contraband showing a documentary film about life and survival in today┬┤s East-European art scene. The ears of the Cheburashka are marked with a typically Russian piercing and form the acoustic link - propagating the sound of Silversurfer. DESIGN:J.LEIHENER&A.BERGMANN /MUSIC:SILVERSURFER /CUT:R.RADULESCU / CONCEPT&PRODUCTION:Rebell Minds

"The night is/was my world", 2003
video, variable length
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