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Mahmoud Bakhshi Moakhar

Born 1977 in Tehran, Iran.
1995 Graphics Diploma, Tehran.
2001 Sculpture B.A. Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran. The Greater Middle East for George w. Bush Flags from seven Middle Eastern countries – Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine, Sudan and Lebanon, are packed inside aluminium and plexi-glass cases. The cases are transportation boxes, stacked and awaiting shipment. Their dimensions bring to mind the flag-draped coffins of martyrs, or returning war dead. These flags, however, are not spread over the coffins to embrace the dead; they have become corpses themselves. Anodyne pictograms stamped on the cases, formulaic and familiar, warn of searches at customs, the welcome of the American legal system, radio activity and tracking devices. Cold, precise and efficient these boxes lock in the symbols of seven nations and impose on each flag the same clinical vocabulary of America’s mission in the Greater Middle East.

"The night is/was my world", 2003
video, variable length
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