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The ART-BOX AWU looks at Berlin. "Living on the edge" is the motto of underground DJs in Berlin, their life a continual rollercoaster: from hard reality into the addictive hyper-reality and back. The DJ waits in the "line-up" like a "big wave surfer" for the right wave - diving into the trough to ride on the crest. A display is integrated in the stationary turntable on which a documentary film about the DJ underground in Berlin is shown. The film itself is rotated digitally about its own axis. The ART-BOX provides a multidimensional experience of the Berlin DJ underground. DESIGN:J.LEIHENER&A.BERGMANN/ MUSIC:HAITO/ CUT:STERNBAUER/ CONCEPT&PRODUCTION:Rebell Minds

"The night is/was my world", 2003
video, variable length
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